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The Benefits of Equitime

  • Proven system on world leading tracks. Tens of thousands of races timed.
  • Only system that has become an integral part of enhancing racing presentation.
  • Approved by world leading clubs and stewards.
  • A key to attracting, and keeping, new, non race-going audiences with features like running sequence of horses to big screens and TV.
  • Ensure thoroughbred racing is in line with other major sports in enhancing interest by the extensive use of statistics.
  • Timing at 200 meter (or furlong) is best way of timing (see other section of report).
  • “Expert” systems advice plus no cost availability of TV Production staff to cover how to make the most of the video output of the concept.

The only system to meet all the specifications of the industry.

  • High RF immunity.
  • Provision to correctly time with movable rail positions.
  • Live TV and big screen links.
  • Internet links.
  • Sophisticated reporting.
  • Leading side of track indicator lights in straight races.
  • Up to date computer platform.
  • On line support via modem on race days if required.
  • Proven in thousands of races including The Melbourne Cup.
  • Recently selected by Nad Al Sheba for Dubai.
  • Provision to interface to digital technology and incorporate all the video advancements of this exciting technology.

The only system in the world to be proven to meet the industry standards, to have provision to grow with the industry, and to have a proven record of enhancing the presentation of thoroughbred racing. Thoroughbred racing system designed by industry specialists.

Equitime Race Timing System is used by leading race tracks around the world

Diagram of the System - click to expand

Equitime Transmitter



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