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  Dorian Micro transmitter
The Dorian Micro transmitter is fitted to the vehicle using one of the various mounting options.
As the transmitter passes the read point the time is read with accuracy to 1/10000 of a second.
These units are used from social karting to high level racing in super karts in various organisations around the world.

Solution 1
Single Line Timing Unit.
If there is only one time line (start / finish line) a Dorian single line unit collects the timing information and sends it to the PC.

Solution 2
Multi-Line System / Track Side Receiver (TSR).
The track side receiver is connected to a loop across the track and this records the time and sends it to the central point. The link can be by cable or by radio frequency link.
The unit is constructed to operate in a wide range of weather conditions and is constructed to work in the most rugged of conditions.
The data is stored in the TSR until received by the host, so there is back up in case of cable or host downtime.

Super Node.
For multiple time line tracks a Super Node controls the TSR’s around the track. It collects the data plus has functions such as sending out time signals to ensure all TSR times are synchronised.

A variety of software solutions are available to work with the Dorian equipment.
The software handles grid positioning and races as well as being able to be used for the timing of customers at paid karting venues.


Dorian Data 1 Race Timing System is used by leading tracks worldwide

Diagram of the system - click to expand

Data 1 Transmitter



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